KEBA celebrates its 50th birthday


400 guests celebrated its 50th birthday together with KEBA. Customers, suppliers, partners and decisionmakers from the world of politics and economics enjoyed an evening that was informative yet, at the same time, not too heavy and supported by a great atmosphere.

KEBA AG, headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria, is celebrating its fiftieth birthday this year (2018). At the opening of the three-day celebration yesterday, 400 prominent guests from all over the world spent an evening at the “KEBA Innovation World”. They included prominent political figures headed by the state parliament member Michael Strugl and the mayor of Linz Klaus Luger. Well-known representatives from the banking, industrial, lottery, post office, logistics and utilities sectors were also invited to the event. The internationally renowned pioneering thinker, author, professor and marketing expert Peter Fisk impressed visitors with his keynote address, which discussed topics such as digitisation and disruption. He also gave tips on how to take advantage of these developments

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